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Faith S. Green has written poetry most of her life. She is currently working on a memoir and a mystery story. She has had some of her works published titled “My Prophetic Soul and other poems” by Mellon Press. She has served as President of the Hudson Valley Writers Guild for the past three years.
She lives near Albany with her cat Belle.

Faith S. Green

A wonderful event for readers and writers

By Faith S. Green

When I entered the UAlbany Campus Center there were sounds of bustling activity. Piles of books and purple tote bags were everywhere. The aroma of strong Starbucks coffee overwhelmed the other scents. People were chatting excitedly and planning their day using the detailed program which was available on- line and in print. 

Unlike last year, local authors had their own room in which to converse, distribute literature and sell books. It was easy for attendees to check in with familiar local authors. Many publishing houses had displays both in the local authors room and in major thoroughfares. Book signings were held throughout the day for anyone who purchased a book written by a visiting author.

Many attendees were excited about the prestigious authors who were prepared to speak. I chose to go to the auditorium to hear Jamaica Kincaid enchant the audience with her rendition of her twenty years at The New Yorker, and

Joyce Carol Oates and Jonathan Santlofer

Joyce Carol Oates and Jonathan Santlofer at the NYS Writers Institute's Albany Book Festival held at the University at Albany on Sept. 14, 2019. (Patrick Dodson / UAlbany)

the creative ways she found to vary her “On the Town” column into new and innovative formats. One of her stories from On the Town has now become a beautifully illustrated children’s book entitled Party. The illustrator, Roberto Cortez discussed his process in interpreting and drawing Kincaid’s story and transformed it into a wordless children’s book.

Joyce Carol Oates, the consummate and prolific author, answered questions about her newest book My Life as a Rat. Her interviewer and colleague, author Jonathan Santlofer seamlessly asked pertinent and thoughtful questions. Oates discussed one current issue that women writers face, such as including violence in their novels. Her humor was engaging and lightened the discussion of serious topics. 

I also chose to attend Joyce Carol Oates and Jonathan Santlofer’s later discussion about the books they have written about the loss of a long-term spouse. They talked about their grief and reactions to what people said to them at the worst time in each of their lives. Again, Oates interjected humor to lighten the onus of such a deep and serious topic. 

Each session was timed perfectly to allow a Q & A period following each presentation. The University at Albany and the Writers Institute provided a comfortable and pleasant venue for a wonderful event for readers and writers in the Capital Region and beyond.

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