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Megan Martinez is currently a sophomore at the University at Albany with a major of Criminal Justice and minor in Psychology. She is Puerto Rican/Dominican and an avid writer.


My literary world

By Megan Martinez

Writing to me is a form of expression, when you can’t say what you want to say I always feel like it’s best to write it in any form that describes you, whether that be a poem, spoken word or even just a written piece with your thoughts.


I agree with the NYS Writers Institute when they say they believe the literary arts from novels, film, poetry to comics can be a bridge to better understand the human experience. I feel like literary pieces can tell you who a person is and what they have experienced throughout their lifetime. I especially feel this when it comes to poetry or just a simple writing piece. People are able to write their experiences better than they can say them. They do it with so much power in their words and so much feeling that it just gives you a sense of who they are.


A writer has the ability of bringing people together. People can read a piece of text and agree and have numerous conversations about it. They break it down and share each other’s experiences after reading a specific piece. This is how book clubs are started or just in class discussions because a writer gave them his/her experience in a book, poem, maybe even a film. Having these little talks about something everyone enjoys is what brings people together, builds friendships and relationships.


Reading and writing are important because it develops the mind. Reading and writing can be used for many things not just creativity; It advances your communication skills. You will be able to receive ideas and make ideas of your own by letting the authors ideas inspire you to question, revel, and provoke.


Writing has been a little piece of me for quite some time now. In high school, I began reading poetry and just reading it wasn’t enough for me. Reading awakened my inner writer.


Ever since I began writing poetry for creative writing classes, for friends, for myself, or even just for fun. It’s given me the ability to speak my mind without having to speak a word. I can just write and feel so much better, it’s like my own personal therapy. Literary works that have been the most influential in my thinking about the world is film and poetry.


I say film because I’ve always wanted to be a director and writer my own scripts. It gets me thinking of all the possible outcomes this world holds for us, gives me a space for my creativity and it’s also a way to bring people together. Poetry, because it helps me realize the world in a whole new aspect because it’s not direct and it makes me think.

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