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Spring 2019: Reflections on the 'first' Albany Book Festival
About this edition
For our second edition of Trolley, we present a collection of essays -- by writers 18 to 96 years old -- celebrating books, writers, and readers. 
Our theme carries forward the message of the NYS Writers Institute's Albany Book Festival held at the University at Albany on Sept. 29, 2018. 

More than 5,000 people attended the event, exceeding expectations and affirming our belief that books, writers, and thoughtful discussion strengthen our sense of community.  
In essence, the Albany Book Festival proved true what Writers Institute founder William Kennedy says: "Literary conversation is the best conversation."
-- Michael Huber 
NYS Writers Institute 
About Trolley

 A New York State Writers Institute web magazine of essay, opinion, literature, culture, and politics.

- Editor: Paul Grondahl

- Executive Editor: William Kennedy

- Managing Editor: Michael Huber

- Contributing Editors: Cassie Andrusz Ho-Ching and Edward Schwarzschild

Albany Book Festival logo
The food panel at the Albany Book Festival
Albany High School librarian Kristen Majkut and students at the Albany Book Festival
More than 5,000 booklovers attended the Albany Book Festival.
Norman Mailer
From May 1, 2007, Norman Mailer in discussion with William Kennedy and Russell Banks.
Kennedy: You’ve said that everything you’ve written, including nonfiction or argument, comes from your knowledge, belief, or understanding of how you write fiction.
Mailer: I’d say that it’s all fiction. I think one of the greatest swindles that civilization has been pulling on itself is that there are two literary forms--fiction and nonfiction--and that there really is a profound separation between them.
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Photo of Norman Mailer by Christina Pabst

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